10 July 2007

Transition Time

The light at the end of the tunnel has gone from the width of a pin, to the width of a pencil, and now I'm seeing light of day.

My replacement, Bear, has arrived and is currently in our progammed class for all new members of the squadron. Sunday will be a day of rest for everyone.

Effective Monday, I'll be in the teaching phase for one week and then shadow phase for the next. Lastly, I get some down time to decompress, rest, and change my sleep pattern in order to be on Mountain time when I return.

The fatigue has taken its toll and my last several posts have been from a soap box and have not been kind to the country I love. My place is not and should never be from a soap box. This is the life and duty I volunteered for and the freedoms I swore to preserve and protect. I have found the humble side of me and wish to thank you all for your continued support and prayers.


JJ's said...

I miss the count day clock. How about putting it back up. That way we can all count down together.
Love ya JJ.

JJ's said...

okay count down the days clock ha

Anonymous said...

Hi there, this is Lori. My daughter Megan was in Suzanne's class last year. I read your blog often, but have never posted a comment before. Please don't apologize for being on a soap box. You are a brave solider, separated from his family, thousands of miles away, fighting a war! I personally think you deserve to be on any soap box you wish. This is your only outlet to vent feelings, good or bad.Please don't feel you will be judged by anyone reading your blog. I pray that you return home safely and SOON!Thanks for all you've done. God bless,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lori. And I second the motion to bring back the count down day clock. Laura (T-P)

Dad A said...

Missed you last week as we got together for some family bonding. Your kids are great and you and Andra have done a great job. Look forward to when we can all be together again. Keep your head down and the rest of you lower until you can be back home again. God bless you til we can be together again.

Angelo said...

Angelo here...Mark I am glad to know you are on the home stretch, stay vigilant and come home safe.